Have any of us got no complaints about the ambasador program/games?

#41alacer807Posted 9/2/2011 8:56:59 PM
Thats just silly.
Kid icarus is obviously going to either be a VC title after they start putting NES VC's on the eshop, or a 3d classic.
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#42danielmgPosted 9/2/2011 9:16:17 PM
I like NES Golf over Kid Icarus. For me it is one of the more enjoyable games. I do not find kid Icarus very fun at all.

My favorite ambasador game is Zelda and my least favorite is Ice Climbers.
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danielmg posted...
I like NES Golf over Kid Icarus. For me it is one of the more enjoyable games. I do not find kid Icarus very fun at all.

I haven't played KI but I hear bad things about it. Golf is my favorite ambassador game though. Fun and easy to pick up, and challenging.
Nintendo called it the Ambassador Program because "Ambassador" is an anagram of "Moar Badass". -StarlightDrive
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Number43 posted...
There never was an NES version of Donkey Kong with the missing level. I think other than an actual arcade machine the only way to play the intact original Donkey Kong is within Donkey Kong 64.

Do some research my friend. His is some links for you to check out. While it may not be a nes cartridge, it is a nes game via virtual console.

"Two different ports of Donkey Kong have appeared on Virtual Console. The first, released in 2006, is based on the NES version, while the second, entitled Donkey Kong Original Edition, attempted to adhere to the arcade version, and was pre-installed for the European release of the Mario 25th Anniversary limited edition red Wii in 2010. This version restored some missing animations and the level 50M, which was cut from the NES version, although Donkey Kong mistakenly stands still in this level, and while the port's graphics are an improvement to the NES port, it is still inferior to the true arcade version, which remains unavailable on Virtual Console."

source: http://www.mariowiki.com/Donkey_Kong_Original_Edition#Ports

if you don't believe that, then check this link out...


I now that this exists because i've played it, via emulation of course.
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raymanfan1 posted...
I wish I could say I have no complaints, but NES Golf over Kid Icarus is just...
Absolutely illogical, at best.
Anyone ABSOLUTELY happy with the program?

I would have switched Nes open golf, wrecking crew, dk jr, and yoshi with:

Ice hockey (arguably one of the best sports games nintendo made)
kid Icarus (missed opportunity to get people even more psyched for uprising)
Mother 1 (it's already been translated by nintendo, and would be a nice gift for ambassadors)
And one of the Kirby games.

I love yoshi, but I already own the gb version, and minus the color of the Nes version, they're identical. Not a fan of wrecking crew, and I never liked the classic dk games (blasphemy I know, but I always thought dk country and dk64 were superior in literally every way possible. Never understood the appeal of the classic dk games).

Am I mad they gave us those 4? Not really, but it's not even close to an ideal list. Hopefully the games that didn't make the cut get added down the road on the eshop. God knows they need better stuff. Gargoyle's quest and pacman are incredibly bland choices for the last 2 weeks when the backlog of games they should add is ****ing gigantic. Where's metroid 2? Where's Mario land 2 and wario land 1?

Back on topic, hopefully the gba game list is more rounded and includes some pleasant surprises. I'd be ecstatic if the gba earthbound 2 pack is given to ambassadors (no legal troubles if the thing is free), but thats highly unlikely ( that alone would make the ambassador worthwhile by a mile).