Would you want a Suffering 3-D?

#1XXDEADKINGXXPosted 9/2/2011 3:10:30 PM
(I put 3-D since It would be the third one in the series, and it'll be in 3D.) Anyway, would you guys want one? And to people who've never played it.. It's a horror game. The first game was scarier than the second. In the first one, your in a prison, alone with monsters. (there is a part where you look at security cameras. And a demon is behind you in the video, and if you stop to turn around, it's gone.)

I've only played the demo of Suffering 2, but I assume the MC is out of prison now, and is killing these monsters off the streets. The game could work on the 3DS. It's basically RE: Mercinaries, just scarier and darker. If they do make it, I hope we're back in the prison, again. The beginning was gruesome, seeing all the other prisioners in the room die, while you just watch. And then, a fast monster runs past the bars on your cell, and it breaks down.

But, IF they do make it, I know it'll be less gory, and more brighter. Which made Suffering the horror game it is!
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I'll have to look it up. For now, I support it unless I find that it's a mediocre game that doesn't deserve a sequel. //
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King_of_Nerds posted...
I'll have to look it up. For now, I support it unless I find that it's a mediocre game that doesn't deserve a sequel. //

Suffering 2 was a mediocre game, I hear. But the first one was legendary! All the rooms were dark, and you saw people getting killed from left to right. But, if they made a sequel then it'll have a new character and storyline. I heard the original MC died in the second one. But, really, it is a good game. It seemed to be too good for the original Xbox.
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i love that game. still waiting for the movie to come out.
also, i played the pc version
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That would be awesome! That game was really good. The second
one was ok. You should still play it though. It's like 5 dollars at gamestop.
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That would be awesome! I liked the parts in the first game where you had to choose whether to kill or help someone and a creepy disembodied voice would say 'killlll themmm' so great.