Region Lock. Why?

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4 years ago#11
Starking777 posted...
Blood_Nights posted...
Hah failtroolistooobviouslyafailtrool

Anyway. There's plenty of reasons.

Mainly price adjustments and protecting regional prices/sales. Anyways, I can admit Region locking is one of the reasons why I've been on the fence about the 3DS.

Also, how exactly does region locking fight piracy? The major causes of piracy are lack of localization and pricing.

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4 years ago#12
Marcster1994 posted...
To fight piracy.

Yeah, pretty much. The DS had a lot of piracy problems so they wanted to counteract it.

Counteract it? The hacked cards for the DSi work on the 3DS. Nintendo didn't even try to fight piracy. People were playing free DS games on the 3DS the day it came out with the cards firmware update.
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