Question about ambassador program

#1jamie0003Posted 9/2/2011 6:11:47 PM
I bought my 3DS a few months after launch, so managed to get my ambassador games. However, my girlfriend bought hers about a week after the program ended. Will it still be possible for her to get the games when the EU ambassador site goes up?

The 3DS she bought was second hand, and we were told it was bought before the ambassador program finished, so will it still be possible to get the games by using the 3DS's Serial number?
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The point was to get the 3DS before August 12th.
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Nintendo called it the Ambassador Program because "Ambassador" is an anagram of "Moar Badass". -StarlightDrive
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Depends on whether or not the person who bought it accessed the eShop or updated in time. Just check the serial number on the website in the sticky
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