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User Info: L_Rod

5 years ago#1
Im about to buy a 3ds and what game should I get with it besides zelda

User Info: CorruptedRPG

5 years ago#2
Devil Survivor Overclocked.

User Info: Mariofan15

5 years ago#3
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User Info: phildool

5 years ago#4
wait a few days and get starfox
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User Info: steelergrizz

5 years ago#5
What genres do you like besides rpg/adventure?

User Info: Spiffy247

5 years ago#6
Samurai Warriors Chronicles
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User Info: logans_run_82

5 years ago#7
Ocarina of Time and Mercenaries 3D.

People might say that Mercs is overpriced, because the same game-mode was seen in Resident Evil 3 - 5 (Even though Mercs in RE3 and 4 don't play similarly to it at all) But...its worth it, especially if you find it for less than 40$, like what I did. I got 26 hours on it already and will come back to it once I beat OoT.
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User Info: L_Rod

5 years ago#8

User Info: Lord_Frood

5 years ago#9
CorruptedRPG posted...
Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Seconded. It will easily last you 50 hours.
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User Info: blackcloudsky

5 years ago#10
I got lots of enjoyment out of RE: mercs and the online play is good. I have 80 hours on it so far. My fave game is devil survivor overclocked though.
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