If you got a problem with what a company does, why not tell them?

#11EoinPosted 9/4/2011 12:14:41 AM
Complaining to companies might be worthwhile, but please do not imagine that complaining on forums and such is worthless.

Firstly, it lets other people know that there is a potential complaint. Let's take the recent example of RE: Mercs where the save state stupidly couldn't be erased. This would have annoyed a few people, they would have gone to Capcom, and they would have gotten Capcom's original ridiculous response that can be paraphrased as "it's designed that way because it's like a fighting game". The issue would likely have died right there.

Instead, what happened was that the original posts about it got channeled into a story that got picked up by games websites, and instead of only a small amount of people receiving Capcom's stupid excuses, they had to try to convince tens of thousands of sceptical gamers, and failed. As a result, they were pretty much forced to backtrack into saying that in future, all their games would allow players to control their own data.

Secondly, let's be honest: 95% of the time, if you receive a response from a company to a complaint, it will be layered with some amount of corporate nonsense (see above). Companies have to think before saying something. This means that if you do complain to a company, the response you get might be (and in fact probably will be) vague and/or unhelpful and/or ridiculous. If you complain about something on the internet, people might actually give you a better explanation for (or fix for) your complaint than the company themselves.