Is it possible to use the 3DS as an MP3 Player? if not, who would want this?

#11Maxx_the_SlashPosted 9/4/2011 12:58:12 PM
The 3DS is a horrible mp3 player. The playback quality is terrible, and in order to change a track, you have to re-open your 3DS to change it (it would have been nice if L & R could change tracks).
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#12baconcow1812Posted 9/4/2011 12:59:48 PM
Get an iPod Shuffle (current generation) if you want a cheap, yet decent, MP3 player.
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Maxx_the_Slash posted...
The 3DS is a horrible mp3 player. The playback quality is terrible, and in order to change a track, you have to re-open your 3DS to change it (it would have been nice if L & R could change tracks).

If it did, people would complain the L and R buttons keep being tapped in their bag or pocket.
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#14strongo9Posted 9/4/2011 1:02:53 PM
If you're mostly interested in gaming and listening to music, and do not care about the extra features and games found on most MP3 and MP4 players, than I say go for the 3DS. It's the device that will best suit your needs.
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#15NeoGutsmanPosted 9/4/2011 1:39:44 PM
Seriously, just get an iPod Shuffle or a Sansa Clip+. Both are more full-featured and more convenient as mp3 players (the Clip+ also supports more sound formats like FLAC, etc.).

The 3DS music function is, well, functional. It's a really neat feature to have but if you're looking for good music quality then it won't pump out the sound as richly as other, more dedicated devices will. The headphone jack is also not optimally placed if you intend to walk around with it in your pocket.
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skawo93 posted...
crispyo posted...
so you think the only reason that would make the 3DS worth purchasing is if it can play music? 0_0 k...

or you could just buy an mp3 player for 10 bucks about a 1/12 of the size of a 3DS and keep it in your pocket too.

No. TC is just wondering if the 3DS can work as a MP3 player. He doesn't say anywhere it would be a feature that'd make him buy it, and from his wording it may even seem he already had a 3DS.

You are right, I do have a 3DS, I was just shopping around for an MP3 player, but I didn't know that the 3DS could be used as an MP3. I also wanted to know if someone had used it and liked it, because I like having all my stuff in as few places as possible (kind of like a smart phone). I have the EVO 4G from sprint, but I don't like having my phone as my MP3, because I switch phone pretty often and I wanted something long-term. I just ordered the Zune HD 32GB, for $120 from amazon, like-new from their warehouse (which is usually, new stuff that has damaged packaging, but the items are new). Thanks for the replies.
#17NyyarkPosted 9/4/2011 6:14:37 PM
It can, but the battery life on it is horrid compared to other MP3 players, and it's form factor is also pretty terrible for what you'd want in an MP3 player.
#18RevolutionV(Topic Creator)Posted 9/4/2011 6:35:50 PM
Yeah, I can see now how the 3DS would not be a good MP3 player. I was playing around with the AR Card game, which are pretty cool btw, and the it ate the battery rather quickly. I heard the Zune HD is supposed to be pretty good, plus I got a good deal and I plan on keeping it for a while. I just have way too many CDs, I can't even count them anymore, I probably have over 500 CDs and though I like having the physical copies much more than Digital media, it is way too inconvenient to browse through my cd collections while I'm in my car.

Do any of you have a Zune HD? or what other MP3 players do you owe? Also, would you guys like Nintendo to create more apps to allow adequate MP3 playback on the 3DS? I think the MP3 player feature is my absolute favorite feature of any devise, I love music as much or more than my games.
#19ss4gogeta_darkPosted 9/4/2011 6:46:20 PM
skawo93 posted...
Jorgezx posted...
It is possible.

The 3DS have "3DS Sound" which is an app that allow you to play music from you SD card. It is rather primitive, so don't expect all the functions of a full MP3 player. Also, the 3DS is a lot bigger than any MP3 player you could buy. If you close the 3DS the music will stop, unless you have headphones (kind of obvious). And it have some really nice 3D visualizers.

Out of curiosity, what functions doesn't the 3DS have?

It doesn't do 4play very well and it doesn't have flash.
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