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4 years ago#1
do you like it more than a thumb stick and why? also what do you think the Wii U should do? stick with circle pads or change to thumb sticks.
4 years ago#2
It works for the 3DS because it's a handheld and it has a clam-shell design. I honestly don't understand why Sony chose to use analog sticks for the PSVita. There goes any chances of putting it in a pocket. As for the Wii U, the circle pads work because of design of the controller. You'd have to cramp your thumbs if analog sticks were used instead. Hopefully they're a bit bigger than the 3DS's and have more room to move.
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4 years ago#3
Was never a fan of the PSPs analog slider, and the 3DS has a similar design so as far as the mechanics of it, it's pretty meh. It works, but I wish they chose a more sticky material. The one currently on the 3DS is ok at best, but loses grip at any sign of moisture. just like with the PSPs analog nub.
4 years ago#4
This is thee sexiest joystick ive ever used. Way better than the psp's imo.
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