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User Info: phildool

5 years ago#51
nintendogger posted...
phildool posted...
I read that my Junior year. I prefer fantasy...

I had to read it for Sophomore English. I swear I'm one of two kids in the whole school who actually likes the book. I'm not really into non-fiction, and when I am, I read historical.

well Im a nerd. The Great Gatsby was good but I wouldn't have read it if it wasn't for school
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User Info: sonicfreak0221

5 years ago#52
Podunk or Ellay
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User Info: jamesim

5 years ago#53

User Info: melikupo

5 years ago#54
JP_Sartre posted...
When I DID play AC, my town was named "Tanelorn".

Michael Moorcock and Elric, FTW.

I was so in love with The Elric of Melnibone Saga! I never read any of the other books about the other heroes in the series, sadly... Anyway, you're awesome!
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