Is Metroid (one of the Ambassador games) worth working through or should I just

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Zero Mission can be bought for a relatively cheap price, so go pick that up. Metroid really isn't a game worth playing if you don't want to use a guide or wander around aimlessly. It's poorly designed and outdated.
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That reminds me, isn't the original Metroid included on Zero Mission anyways? So why'd they even bother giving up Metroid as one of the NES games? Seems like a waste.

Metroid Fusion is one of the ambassador games, we dont know if ZM is.

And I doubt ZM will be since all it is is a remake of the Original Metroid.

Oops my mistake.
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yoda2323 posted...
How does Zero Mission improve upon the original?

Zero Mission is essentially a new game based on the story of Metroid. It isn't a remake like OoT or Mario All Stars where everything is in the same place but looks prettier. It is more a remake in the sense of a movie remake, where it follows the same basic outline but the content is extremely different. It's closer to Fusion mixed with Super Metroid than it is to NES Metroid.
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Zero Mission is a good Metroid, but it's not much of a remake at all

the first area is the same, but past that, it's pretty much completely new
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yoda2323 posted...
How does Zero Mission improve upon the original?

the biggest and most important change is that zero mission has a map
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