No proof that Famitsu said anything

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5 years ago#11

From: Dat_Dude_Yo | #010
It added an R button on top. Peope were mistakenly calling it an R2, but it's actually just another R1 since you can't reach the other one anymore.

This is insane. I thought it would be bad but this is much worse.

How does this sucker even work? It is not as if the cradle plugs in somehow into a 3DS, and then the 3DS would have had to been designed so that this thing even works.
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5 years ago#12
NinjaKitsune posted...
More tellingly, look at the top side pic. There's something sticking out at the top where there's nowhere for it to go into the 3DS...

Stylus slot.
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5 years ago#13
Its actually the monster hunter cartridge, the whole thing is one big custom cartridge.
5 years ago#14
And now there's no wireless switch.
5 years ago#15
lol, TC. Would you like a glass of water to wash down that foot?
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5 years ago#16
I continue to regret buying a 3DS more and more each week. Once a new model comes out with the right analog stick, it's bye bye 3DS crap version!
5 years ago#17
Honestly, this thing doesn't seem like something Nintendo would design themselves. Now if it's something Capcom made with permission from Nintendo to use the slide pad design for the rumored Monster Hunter game, then I could understand. If this really is something Nintendo did themselves, well someone needs to fire the handheld peripheral designer and hire the guy that did the Motion Plus design.
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5 years ago#18
You were all buying it before the scans.

5 years ago#19
TorchicBlaziken posted...
And now there's no wireless switch.

None of the pictures show the right side of the unit. There will be a workaround of some kind, just like the R button.
shoot the core.
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