Um, what's so bad about the add-on? Why the rage?

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5 years ago#11
So you admit to breaking the ToU.

5 years ago#12
It's not the new Redesign everyone wanted. So they'll milk this announcement as if it is until tomorrow when only the people with sense are here.
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5 years ago#13
yeah I don't get the rage

I mean is it dumb Nintendo didn't put the second stick there from the beginning? Sure

but would you prefer they just leave it alone without making any fix? I just don't see why anyone would actually be mad about this
5 years ago#14
Because from all the price cuts, lack of games, underwhelming online, bad hardware designs, etc .... it makes Nintendo look desperate when up against Vita's own raw power, button functionalities, price, games, online, sleek design, and it's behemoth multimedia functions
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5 years ago#15
Just more reason for some to wait for a redesign where the pad is permanently configured to mirror the WiiU's controller setup. This looks like a transition phase, and it's kinda unattractive, but necessary for some games like MHTriG to play comfortably apparently.
5 years ago#16
I seriously don't get it either. I know there's an add-on. But was there any inadvertant reveals of a revision? Because if there was, then I'd see the issue. Other than that, I'll get it, only because there's bound to be a game I'm going to want that will use this in some way, shape, or form.
5 years ago#17
Overpriced by how much exactly? $5-6? In order to make a profit? Which all companies strive to do. You'd rather them sell it at cost or at a loss? Who does that help? A few consumers, while hurting the rest of the industry? Doesn't make any sense when I hear things like that.

temporary, optional, 2nd pad ADD-ON peripheral that consumers were wanting is being released. Does not need to be bought to play any of the 3DS games and was added to give players (apparently MH variety) additional options of controls to play their game. Similar to the bundled CC with MHT. So players got what the wanted even if it's not cosmetically appealing. But they don't even need it to begin with.

A redesign will happen at somepoint. We just don't know when. It's inevitable in this market. Why is this shocking news?

P.S. Don't take my posts hard. Go back to school and learn a thing or two. Or, listen to reason. Rationalize, analyze, and THINK!
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5 years ago#18
Hitagi posted...
So you admit to breaking the ToU.


Haha ToU. you keep proving yourself an obvious tool...

Do you even realize how hypocritical you sound by trying to say I insult other users when you clearly implied an insult in your first post.

Yes, anyone can have different opinions, but to state yours as the clear and cut right one is just plain ignorant. say what you want, but you are an obvious attention-whore...

inb4: blind fanboy
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