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5 years ago#1
The topic of discussion is the new 3DS peripheral that is all the rage on the boards recently. In this topic I will provide an analytical perspective of the device and what it could potentially mean for the future of the 3DS.

Before we begin, I kindly ask that this topic be kept civil and posts of a negative nature will be deemed as either flaming or trolling as this topic is to be from an analytical viewpoint, not ones based on nothing.

Part 1
It's been unofficially announced with picture.

As I'm sure all of you who read this are aware, the peripheral has been unofficially announced via the Famitsu magazine, so what does this mean for us currently and in the near future? Well currently it means nothing as it's not out so it has no effect on us currently beyond malicious users spreading fear over what is essentially nothing of actual note. What this means for the future is something we will discuss is another section. This section is only for how the addon affects us at the moment, and the answer is, that it doesn't affect us. Games are not being recalled or delayed for the sake of adding in this control, nothing has been impacted in a negative way.

In the end, the addon is still just a concept to us and does not affect us in a negative way.

Part 2
Zani, darling, are you gonna tell us what this means for the future?

Yep, that's what this section is all about, in what ways will this impact us once it is released. Well, let's first look at this excerpt from Adriasang.

Famitsu interviewed Monster Hunter series supervisor Ryozo Tsujimoto about MHP3G and the slide pad expansion. The device provides a good grip on the system, said Tsujimoto. He jokingly referred to the expansion as a "secret weapon" which will allow you to play the game with the same feeling as playing Monster Hunter 3 on Wii.


By analyzing this section we can safely presume two things. The first thing we can presume is that the addon seems to be some sort of collaboration between Capcom and Nintendo for the sake of having Monster Hunter Tri to be ported to the 3DS, much like how Capcom and Nintendo created the Classic Controller Pro for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. The second thing we can presume is that even though it's being made, it's not required for Monster Hunter, it's just an alternate control method to appeal to people who enjoyed using the CC Pro with Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii.

So, now that we have looked at this quote, what does it imply to the future of the 3DS? Well it implies that even though we have this addon, it will still not be required for any 3DS game, but instead offers an alternate method of control for those who may want a more traditional means of control, much like what they did in the past with the Wii by having many games have the option between the Classic Controller, Gamecube Controller, or the Wiimote & Nunchuck. This implies that Nintendo is still valuing the aspect of having control options for games instead and is potentially releasing the addon early, much like they did with the Classic Controller so as to give it the greatest chance of being incorporated as an option in games.

Now before we wrap this section up, there is one thing I wish to point out that potentially shows that the addon is nothing more than an extra option. From the same site I quoted early they say this next.

Monster Hunter 3G is scheduled for release at the end of the year and will go playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week. The slide pad expansion is currently without a release date.
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5 years ago#2
The last sentence is what I want to focus on. If it was really a required addon, then wouldn't it make sense for it to at least have a release date that either coincides with the Monster Hunter date or is around the time of Monster Hunter date, yet it does not have any date. Also if it was required, then wouldn't they have said that it would be usable with playing Monster Hunter at the Tokyo Game Show, yet there is no mention that the device will even be physically shown. This also implies the addon is nothing more than another option for games and is never required.

Part 3
But, Zani, what if they do make games that require it?

Well, let's look at Nintendo's past to find out. Let's look at the Wii and Motion Plus and how it was handled. When Motion Plus was announced, Nintendo made claims that it would become a standard in future games and announced that their own games would start to use the addon. In actuality, it did not go as well as they planned. Motion Plus became what it was, an addon. Currently the only games of notable mention that use it are Red Steel 2, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play: Motion, and Zelda Skyward Sword. In the end only 4 titles of note actually required the Motion Plus for use, one being a Nintendo game, the other being a 3rd party game.

So how does that translate to the 3DS addon? Well in the end, it's just that, an addon. Addons never do well, no matter what, it's just that simple. Whether it's due to a lack of support or no support at all, when it comes to Nintendo, they don't stick with addons for long. Of all three current companies, Nintendo is the most well known for going through addons like delicious treats, while each addon getting maybe 2-4 games before being ignored for a new addon. With Nintendo's history, it's never changed and more than likely will never change. So from Nintendo's own history of dealing with addons, you can expect this to maybe be require for 2-5 games with 1 or 2 being noteworthy, and then either ignored entirely, or made optional in titles.

Part 4
But Zan, baby, surely it will be required when they do the redesign that incorporates it.

Ah yes, the redesign that people have worried over for quite sometime. Well let's use Nintendo's history again to figure this out. In Nintendo's entire history, they have not once incorporated an addon into a system redesign. Furthermore, never in their history have they made a redesign that would render the previous model obsolete.

Now some will counter me by using the new Wiimotes with the built in Motion Plus as a counter to my statement, which I will now discuss. Now it's true Nintendo incorporated Motion Plus into Wiimotes now, but this does not affect things in a negative way. The reason being is that while official Wiimotes have Motion Plus now, the vast majority of 3rd party Wiimotes do not, and so Nintendo still makes a profit from the Motion Plus since there is still a market for it. With the 3DS, if Nintendo made a redesign that incorporates the 2nd slide pad, then that renders all the time and money they spent into the current addon worthless and they would end up overall losing sales since people would rather wait and get the redesign instead of an addon. Also if they were to annouce a redesign that incorporates the addon, it would cause a backlash that would affect them negatively and could potentially have them lose far more money overall.

EDIT: Fixed something that was pointed out to me. Thanks Kitt darling. ^_^
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5 years ago#3
Actually what we can presume from this is that it strengthens the idea that Nintendo has no intentions of a redesign anytime soon. The reason is that now they are showing that the 3DS is a modular system so instead of making a redesign, they can simply create an addon and spend less money overall and get greater profits in return. Also once it's out, they will have created a distinct design which would only really change in size, so if a redesign were to ever be announced, it would only be a larger model, much like the DSi XL. This addon shows us that Nintendo is not wanting a redesign, but instead utilize the modular nature of the system instead, much like they did with the Wii.

Part 5
So Zanimar, I don't want to read, just give me the gist of all this.

In closing, there is nothing to fear and this addon does not spell doom for the 3DS but instead shows that Nintendo is putting forth more effort in a single model instead of just doing redesigns. The addon is simply nothing more than an option of control for those who want more traditional controls, much like how things were done with the Wii. Very few, if any games will require it and even few will be games worth getting.

The following is a list of conclusions that I have stated in this topic about what I've gathered from all the info mentioned of the addon and Nintendo's own history in dealing with their systems and addons.

- The addon is purely optional and offers an alternative control method for those who want more traditional controls instead of the touch screeen.

- The addon will be required for very few games and even fewer will be games worth getting.

- There will not be a redesign that will incorporate the second pad as it there is far more negative than positive to such a path.

- There is now an even less chance of any sort of redesign as Nintendo shows the 3DS is a modular system and so any idea that would be used for a redesign (except for a 3DS XL) could be incorporated as an optional addon and thus making a single, customizable 3DS as opposed to several models of 3DS and having the consumer "settle" for the one with the most features that appeal to him.

I thank you all for reading this and I hope you all have a very wonderful day. Once again, I ask that we keep this discussion civil and approach it in an analytical way as opposed to using one's imagination. ^_^

EDIT: Corrected a spelling error. Thank you Wetterdew. ^_^
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5 years ago#4
thumbs up. this man knows what's up. sticky this.
5 years ago#5
Zanimar posted...
The topic of discussion is the new 3DS peripheral that is all the rage on the boards recently. In this topic I will provide an analytical perspective of the device and what it could potentially mean for the future of the 3DS.

Hehe. Emphasis on "rage".

At first I was pretty appalled, but I may be able to give it a fair chance. The control pad positioning however, appears like it would be uncomfortable. If it is indeed only required for a few games, I'm sure it won't warrant having it attached all the time and once I'm finished with the one or two games that I'd get that use it, it'd be right back to using my 3DS without it. So that won't be too bad either way I'm sure.

This reminds me of another, albeit less invasive peripheral that came out for the DS: The GBA slot rumble cart. It seemed like something so many games would support, but in the end it was something around the lines of 2 games total. Metroid Prime Pinball and, well, I can't recall the other one.
This post authorized by Adam Malkovich.
5 years ago#6

From: Kitt Thrust | #004
thumbs up. this man knows what's up. sticky this.

Ah, thank you very much. You all are more than welcome to sticky this if you think it's sticky worthy, I have no problems with it. ^_^

From: Fierce_Deity777 | #005
Hehe. Emphasis on "rage".

Lol, I didn't mean it like that, I was just saying how it's been the talk of the town and felt that wording worked well enough for the sentence. ^_^
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5 years ago#7

From: Zanimar | #002
Wii Sports Resort only uses the Motion Plus for one of it's mini games.

actually it's required for all the games.. also you forgot the recently released Wii Play: Motion
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5 years ago#8
Can't wait to spend money on this, use it for two games total then see it included in the superior-in-every-way 3DS redesign.
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5 years ago#9
I think you have some good points. I wish that there were more details about this addon like how it connects, if it reduces the already short battery life, and how many games will use or require it. Hopefully more details will be given out at the Tokyo Game Show and on the 13th.
I'm trying to wait until more information is released before doing anything about this.
5 years ago#10

From: Kitt Thrust | #007
actually it's required for all the games.. also you forgot the recently released Wii Play: Motion

Alrighty, I corrected it. Thanks for pointing that out. ^_^
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