Has anyone considered......

#1587DeathkingPosted 9/7/2011 7:00:03 PM
where the second analog pad going to be connected?
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#2Geminia999Posted 9/7/2011 7:02:40 PM
i thought it was surgically sewed onto our thumbs

>_< Stupid, stupid
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#3m0986-8Posted 9/7/2011 7:04:11 PM
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#4PinchekriaPosted 9/7/2011 7:05:01 PM(edited)
I thought it would require connection to the Wiimote.
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#5DT-FoxPosted 9/7/2011 7:04:39 PM
For compatibility, my best bet would be through the IR port. As for power, that's to be determined.
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