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4 years ago#31
Hey, if the 3DS can play DS games, Super Scribblenauts is all we need!

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4 years ago#32
3DS uses super scribblenauts to bring all its future releases to life!

Vita commits suicide in fear of all the amazing games!

3DS wins
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4 years ago#33
From: smashbros295 | #029
Why was the DS killed off so early in the game, while the PSP still lives?
The XL rocks.

Because PSP hasn't been rendered an obsolete system quite yet.
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4 years ago#34
LightHawKnight posted...
From: MattKorner | #003
I want the 3DS to summon demons Take-Mikazuchi and Omoikame to fight alongside it.
Why summon those weaklings when you can summon Metatron and Lucifer?

Why summon THOSE weaklings, when you can summon Foofyhead and Son_of_Mana?
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4 years ago#35
3DS earned 2000 exp. Points.
3DS leveled Up (Level 9)
3DS learned Double Pad.

DS earned 1500 exp. Points
DS leveled Up (Level 52)
DS turned into DSi
DSi learned XL.

PSP did not earn any exp. Points
PSP reduced to Level 53 (it was in Level 54)
PSP did not learn 3D.
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