Pictures & Video from StreetPass NYC's Starfox 64 3D Event

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Makeveli_lives posted...
Those all sound tacky tbh. But that has to be some of the most unattracitve people I've ever seen. I mean, I can count on one hand the amount of people that look normal in that first group pic. I'm not one to jump down somebody's throat for not being movie star hot, but sweet jesus the guy on the right on one knee is beyond hideous.

I'm curious what that has to do with "nerds" but eh, I'll let that slide. Given your reaction, and the general human tendency to project one's feelings about oneself, I'd wager you're a pretty insecure person (and pretty shallow). I haven't been to one of these meetings yet, but after having seen the pictures I very much look forward to it. So sorry to hear you won't be experiencing the fun. But hey, don't feel bad, at least you can judge people over the internet from the safety of your dark room :)
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#12WetterdewPosted 9/10/2011 11:57:22 PM
It was fun! I didn't stay for the whole tournaments, but I got around 55 Streetpasses. Seriously, go to those things.
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#13player_threePosted 9/11/2011 12:23:12 AM
This was at the Nintendo World store wasn't it? A Nintendo World store seriously needs to be built in L.A. I would love to go to that store.
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#14NinjaGamer_23Posted 9/11/2011 12:50:18 AM
calling people names and insults are quite jugdemental and needs to look themselves in the mirror.

There was no need to go on here and say that.
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Damn New Yorkers and your close proximity. Must be the best place outside of Japan to get streetpasses.
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Yes it took place at Nintendo World. And I agree with Ninja_Gamer, there was no need for the name calling. I guess some people in this topic haven't quite matured yet.
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I'm probably going to the Mario Kart or Mario 3D Land event. I want a 3D pic of Gary and Allison.
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Its not like you dress to impress when attending a video game event :P

That looks like alot of fun.