Can't believe I'm saying this, but Dead or Alive Dimensions is amazing

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kamikaze135 posted...
Not sure, but I doubt it. That's actually a feature I leave disabled in SSFIV:AE. I find it annoying, lol.

I can see how it could be. Before I switched to Pro only, I couldn't even get past the first match intro without constant challengers. Now, with the relative rarity of non-lite players, I pretty much use the campaign to occupy my time while waiting for pro challengers. Would have been nice if there was an option to leave it only open to friends though.
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It's shame so many people overlook it because it's probably my favorite 3DS game so far.
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AnotherVisitor posted...
I only have SSF4, but if you're hankering for another 3DS fighter by all means pick it up. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed.
Does DoA allow you to be challenged to online matches while playing the campaign? That's one of the features I find really cool in SSF4.

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There's quite a few things wrong with DOA:D... things you don't notice at first. But if you've played previous DOA games, then you will notice how a lot of things in the game are missing... things that shouldn't be missing.
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CommanderxGreen posted...
I'm not much into fighters, but I've been curious about this one. Do you think it'd be a better choice than Street Fighter IV?

Depends on why you're questioning that. DoA has a lot more to unlock, a better story (that's not saying much though), and the moves for DoA are easier to master, imo.

Well, I'm not very good at the fighting genre, but I have some fond childhood memories of playing Street Figther, and I'm a big fan of Capcom, so I tend to lean that way. I've been hearing a lot of good things about DoA, though; it got some pretty amazing reviews when it arrived at launch. I played a demo in-store and I thought it was alright, but nothing I'd call "the best 3DS game," by any means.

I'm curious, because I was considering picking up Street Fighter along with Star Fox, for Target's Buy-One-Get-One-50%-Off deal, and was thinking perhaps this would be the better choice.
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Keep in mind that DoA and Street Fighter on the 3DS are on "easy" mode, lol. You can play with the stylus and just select the combos on the touch screen then have the character use those moves. This is cool because it forces you think think rather than memorize the me anyway.

So even if you're not a pro you can still hold your ground against the good players (not spammers) and do well enough given that you block when you should and counter when you can. With spammer...I think it's best to memorize a few moves and put them in their place.
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The DoA were never my favorites on the consoles, but I actually was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it on a hand held. I actually put quite a bit of time into the game since buying it.

It was good timing to release it at the start of the systems lifespan, because honestly I would have probably passed on it if the library was larger in selection, but I would have missed out on a well made game. The 3D effect, particularly, works nice for this game.
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