Square: Want more Chrono Trigger? Buy more!

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Marcster1994 posted...
strongo9 posted...
Square Enix, the next Capcom. I'm calling it right now. They've already shown several traits of it.

No, they're simply a Japanese developer.

I think that might be it.

Their culture seems to screw up the basic ideas of selling a product to a consumer by being too respectful to the 'elite' people who did some cool stuff once upon a time or whatever.
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i find it hard to believe he said that, but wow what a douchy[sp?] thing to say.

i expect that out of the head activision guy but really?
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CT's sold over 3 mil. That's pretty good.
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casker_ posted...
This is such old news. Also I am pretty sure they have said they don't want to re-awaken Chrono without the original team, and considering Gooch was on the original team....yeah.

"Eidos with Deus Ex Human Revolution is what saved SE"

This is SUCH a dumb thing to say.

First, Deus Ex hasn't sold anywhere near as much as you probably think it did, and FFXIII, even though you probably think it sucked, probably sold more than you think it did. At this point, its a question whether Deus Ex has even made a return on the invested resources SE put into it.

Second, SQUARE ENIX IS THE ONE WHO SAVED EIDOS. SQUARE ENIX IS THE ONE WHO GAVE THEM MONEY TO MAKE THE DAMN GAME. EIDOS ARE ON SQUARE ENIX'S PAYROLL. You ever think maybe part of the reason XIII and XIV weren't up to your expectations is because Square Enix has been pouring a ton of resources into these new studios while neglecting their home grown studios? WTF do you expect?

In terms of quality, it's true though

Literally nobody would deny that Deus Ex HR is objectively better than FFXIII or XIV
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strongo9 posted...
Square Enix, the next Capcom. I'm calling it right now. They've already shown several traits of it.

So it looks like

Crapcom = Activision of Japan

Square = Crapcom

Activision = The Cesspool of gaming
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Pkjoan posted...
Square Enix Senior Vice President Shinji Hashimoto revealed that the company wasn't very impressed by the sales of cult RPG classic Chrono Trigger during an E3 interview...

Wait, he wasn't impressed by the sales of a then-13-year-old game ported to Nintendo DS and Wii? Ah, that's a shame.

So, basically, like their FF games, they want us to first grind (pay) through the same version of a game on various systems before paying for a new version of a game. Yeah...that makes sense -- to him, maybe.

GTFO, Hashimoto. How about this: how about don't make another Chrono Trigger. Don't take my money. Get forced into an inevitable merger with another dying Japanese gaming company. How's that sound? How you like meh nah?
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I have Chrono Trigger SNES, Chrono Trigger Ps1 Version, & Chrono Trigger DS...

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^Maybe if SE still made games like this. Too bad. They were top dawg for a really long time.
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