Do you want the 3DS smash Bros to be unique from the Wii-U one?

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They said 3DS is focused on Single-Player and Wii U Multi-Player so
Wii U - Arena

I like that they're doing that. Because I mostly play handhelds by myself, and consoles with people.

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I either want them to be basically the same so that if I just get the WiiU version I wont feel like im missing out, or I want them to be very different and Ill get both
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What about themed exclusives? One game gets paper characters, and the other gets toon?

But how would that work with 3DS and Wii U connectivity?

You'd have to own both games to get them, and they don't show up as connectable. Maybe?

Ha, I could see Nintendo creating some sort of situation in which you would have to own both consoles so that you can get the full experience of each, hence giving Nintendo more profit.

For example, let's say the Scribblenaut character (don't know his name) is only in the 3DS one. Then, for the Wii U version, the only way to unlock the character would be to have a 3DS version LOCALLY connect to the Wii U version. Thus you can't get the character in the game or by Wi-Fi; the only way to get it would be to have a friend with a 3DS copy, or for you to own an extra 3DS copy.
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I hope that by being single-player, the 3DS version doesn't have an extremely butchered and watered down (if not nonexistent) VS mode, under the line of thinking that players would be satisfied with something akin to Subspace Emissary, with a couple gratuitous Event and Stadium modes thrown in. Because those were probably the least appealing parts of Brawl, and I can't see the 3DS version vastly improving upon that.
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Im not getting a Wii U, so i want it to be the same, cuz im only getting the 3DS version if God is willing.

BTW i cant wait for this game! ;p
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