So wait nintendo might still has some things up their sleeves, for TGS,correct?

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So were gonna have to wait until.... E3 until we hear significant things from them again? When is GDC? Is there any other conference from now until the end of this year?
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malfion posted...
Other companies will. If you, like me, want Baten Kaitos, wait a couple days.

Yeah, other companies will probably announce things as well. Hopefully a new Baten Kaitos will be announced. One that combines the battle system of the other two, I'd like Origin's battle system with Eternal Wings cards.
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supervaan posted...
wait retro has a project coming up?

they were teasing us 2 or so months ago, saying how they want to make a dkc and how they want to make a 3ds game iirc

edit- there is also those zoe3ds rumours

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TheNeoianOne posted...
malfion posted...
Other companies will. If you, like me, want Baten Kaitos, wait a couple days.

Maybe, who is rumored to be making Baten Kaitos 3 anyways?
If its monolith soft, then wouldn't they not be at TGS since Nintendo doesn't go?

They also have an untitled WiiU game.

BK could be for 3DS or WiiU. Just give them a couple days. By the 17th, we'll know.
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GDC is in March, so you'll have to wait until then. Though there was that conference last January where SE showed the first KD3D trailer, so there are other little things.
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i'm hoping it's f-zero,since retro is like a pheonix with forgotten video games

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supervaan posted...
From: lambchips | Posted: 9/13/2011 12:54:38 AM | #009
monolith still hasnt announced their next project yet, nor did retro studios
wait retro has a project coming up?

What do you think they just don't work? What a silly question...of course they are always working on something. That's their jobs.
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Lord_Frood posted...
I have been enlightened. I thought Nintendo did attend TGS.

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