=/ at Kid Icraus being delayed

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Ellinika_ posted...
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I hope Pti gets put in the next Super Samsh Bros.

<_< he'll be in considering he was in Brawl

Read my post again.
CAREFULLY. Then read the topic title.
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MarioGalaxy2 posted...
it wasn't delayed that long it's coming out in January in Japan(So we will get q1 too)

besides this wouldn't sell that well mainly for people buying Mario 3D and Kart plus this year is full of big games.

Not only that, but the Wii still has some steam with Skyward Sword coming out in November, Kirby coming out in October (it could still be considered a holiday game), Mario Party 9 is still slated for this year in Japan at least (unless that changed). Nintendo has to spread out their releases or else certain games aren't going to sell as well as they normally would. That's jut how it works.
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It was always slated for a winter release IIRC. January is still a winter month so they're well within reason.
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