How much would a 3DS trade in for at Gamestop?

#11pikachupwnagePosted 9/13/2011 5:03:55 AM
NinjaGuerra posted...
and they also have 20$ extra on handheld trade ins right now...

If it's still not good ill probably just sell my Ambassador 3DS on Ebay =o

Besides the dozens of games already announced more were just announced last night. at least check those out before you sell. and you wont't get much sell on ebay or amazon if you really need to sell.
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#12Kitt ThrustPosted 9/13/2011 5:05:12 AM
between $60-$70 for trade credit ( plus the $20 bonus ). 20% less than that if you want cash. The $20 bonus won't count towards a cash trade.
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