So ONE AAA battery is an unforgivable sin but TWO AA for a Gameboy is ok?

#41MattKornerPosted 9/13/2011 12:16:50 PM
RogueThoughts posted...
My issue with it is that it's yet another cost for early adopters that they never should have to make. Let's say you do want some rechargeable AAA batteries so you don't have to worry about constantly buying batteries. If you just go to a store and pick one up (walmart, best buy, etc.), let's say you pay $20 for one of those AA/AAA chargers (I haven't heard of only a AAA charger). Then you have to pay another $10 for a pack of nice quality rechargeable AAAs, so you're now paying about $50 (more than the cost a game!) for something that should have come with the 3DS at launch.

I see the point here. It could definitely be an issue. But those batteries have other uses, too. I have a recharger for rechageable batteries, just in case of emergencies. Admittedly, no emergencies have come along, so they only get used in my Wii Remotes and N64 Rumble Pak. I do like internal rechargeable batteries. I have four AA's (came with the charger, can charge 4 AA's OR 2 AAA's.) and bought two AAA's separately a year and a half later. No big loss. A bit expensive at the time of purchase, but they quickly paid for themselves.
Again, in the broader spectrum, having rechargeables is a good idea for ANY situation, but it's also a failry expensive one in the beginning.
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