Seriously, do you actually believe that the 3ds will fail?

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You're right. A game that won't be released for like 3 years will definitely save the 3DS.

Where the hell did you get that from? It might get released in 2012 for all we know.

It won't. If you look at Gamefreak's track record you would know that. Pokemon Gray will probably come out later on in 2012 or most likely in 2013 and they won't release another game till at least a year later. So if gray comes out in 2012, which is more than likely, they'll release the remakes of R/S the following year and the following year a brand new game. I doubt they'll want remakes to be the first main Pokemon games on the 3DS.

Every main Pokemon game that debuted on a handheld was always a new generation. Unless I'm wrong.

Crystal, sorta-kinda. Gold/Silver were hybrid gb/gbc, while crystal was gbc-exclusive.

And honestly I'd expect there to be more pressure for a 3DS pokemon asap than there is to keep stuff on the old system. Oh, and b/w already broke one trend of having one mainline generation introduced per system, so I wouldn't rule anything out just yet.
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it already hasn't flopped, so no, no I do not believe that
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