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5 years ago#1
With all the rumour of a redesigned 3ds unit, does anyone know for sure how the 3ds to 3ds transfer will work... do you think it will just take over dsiware and virtual console etc games... or will it take system preferences AND streepass, play time, steps data etc... What are the boards views?

Cheers guys!
I'll go now...
5 years ago#2
It'll transfer the games to another 3DS and remove it from the old 3DS

the problem with this is: What if my 3DS breaks and i get a new 3DS under warranty? I prefer 3DS to ClubNintendo transfer, then ClubNintendo to 3DS
5 years ago#3
good idea... but I like all my records... if I'm going to update to a redesigned unit, i want all my stats!
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5 years ago#4
it'll probably do that too. the only reason it wouldnt is nintendo didnt think about that (Might've forgot and thought games were the important thing(
5 years ago#5
fingers crossed then! I've bought ever iteration of the ds... but if it doesn't transfer stats I'm out! Surely in this day and age, an over sight like that can just be sorted with a system update?
I'll go now...
5 years ago#6
Hm, never heard of anyone doing it. Google gives no answers. Hmmm
Why not? SFW?
5 years ago#7
there is an option, but last time i looked it was blacked out saying that is was going to be available in an update (i'm sure when the redesign comes out). as for if your 3ds breaks, send it to Nintendo, even if it's off warranty, they will repair it for a fee and all they need to know is your 3DS's s/n to transfer your eshop data
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