Zelda Majora's Mask and Star fox Assault should be remade too god dammit

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AP3Brain posted...
? I didn't say the 3DS doesn't have new games on the horizon but that's what they are...ON THE HORIZON and not here yet. Why are people trying to make them focus on remakes we don't need already when we already got a ton of them?

Didn't mean to jump on you, I'm just really sick of hearing people complain about the lack of games. The DS started out slow too, this is Nintendo rushing their hardware out before their games are ready for it, we should be used to it and it's not something to be concerned about. The 3DS has a lot of promise and it will pick up. It's in the process of picking up right now.

The reason fans want a Majora's Mask remake is because it was offered and they like the game. There have been only 2 first party remakes, another one in a few years wouldn't make any difference. And as for not needing remakes, we don't "need" any games, if a remake would entertain people and make money for Nintendo then it's as "needed" as any other game.

Nintendo's main focus now is their new games, they always put new games first in priority, the remakes we had were just testing the water on the new system while the new games were being created, they were appetizer before the main course, which is why people feel they have to ask for remakes if they want them and not bother to ask for new games. New games are a given, but remakes only happen if Nintendo knows that a lot of fans would buy them.
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Assault was a blast (moreso in multiplayer than single, but the single-player was still decent IMO) but it's not the sort of game that needs to be remade. It wasn't groundbreaking, it didn't offer anything particularly new or memorable and, most importantly, we need a new star fox game now.
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people liked assault? Really!?
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Assault was absolute trash except for its multiplayer, which I loved. Would totally buy a remake of it just for that if it had online.
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star for assault have a great multiplayer i would like to see that online
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Assault was a great game that was hated upon for not being starfox 64. my biggest complaints were not enough air missions and lack of branching paths (im not talking about just 64 here even command and the SNES one had those two)

But regardless i loved what the game had. the missions it had were fun some of the ideas were really cool to. the music was flat out epic to.
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#27Delirious_BeardPosted 9/19/2011 4:16:51 PM
Assault was a great game

No it wasn't. It's decent at best. The Arwing missions are good are enjoyable. But the land missions are so damn awful, especially the controls. Multiplayer is the saving grace.
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