3ds at a disadvantage

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ORANGE666 posted...
SCEA (American) is part of Sony Computer Entertainment which is a sub division of the consumer and products division. If SCEA isn't making money, the consumer division will force SCE to let SCEA go. As Sony operates as divisions who are treated as seperate parts of the same company. If SCEA is having problems, they have nothing to fall back on as they run on a budget that the Consumer division splits with its sub divisions.

So basically, if SCEA and NOA both in trouble, SCEA would be much more likely to be closed.


According to their own website, they are the headquarters of ALL North American operations, so unless every division wasn't performing, they would keep it around. Also, don't forget that they will still be selling consoles and licenses to third parties, so they would still be reaping in profits no matter what percentage comes from actual US sales of PS3 video games. Besides, their entire plan revolves around selling at a loss to gain marketshare.

And even if the Playstation was the only thing making them profit, the PS3 and PSP had already burned through all their previous profit from ps1-2 prior to being able to make money on it's own.
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