when is metroid coming out?

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User Info: MW2_Main_Menu

5 years ago#11
Jonwh18 posted...
-.- a metroid doesn't wear a suit ......that would be samus .......and its a she....

That was a joke...

Don't expect another Metroid for at least seven years. Unless your an ambassador...

Can't wait to go through Fusion again.
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User Info: Mariofan15

5 years ago#12
Metroid II is coming to the Eshop if that's any consolation.
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User Info: Nyyark

5 years ago#13
Yeah it was either that or the
Metroid is a hollow robot, there is a girl lives inside him.

I figure if we see a lot of success with cave story we might see a side scrolling 3DS metroid, but we're more likely to see a 3D classics RoS or a RoS remake. I doubt the series will get another non side scrolling entry any time soon after Other M.

User Info: SocialAssassin

5 years ago#14
I really hope we get a Metroid on the 3DS sometime soon. And not a remake of a previous game, either. Although, I don't think I would say no to a Super Metroid 3DS...
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User Info: markcorey97

5 years ago#15
trenken posted...
Jonwh18 posted...
WTF.....*shakes fist angrily* y would nintendo not give us one of the iconic nintendo games....... it should b on the list of ten .....

Because the series is coming off a mega failure with Other M. For a Metroid game, it really wasnt that well received or up to the standards set by the other games.

It should probably just disappear for a while, while they figure out what to do with it now. They need to come back in a big way, which takes a lot of time.

You're wrong, Other M was awesome.
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User Info: toma13

5 years ago#16
trenken posted...
They decided to give Samus a voice and personality, and not only was the idea bad enough on its own, but she complained throughout the entire game expressing her wishes basically to find a father figure in her life, through her ex-boyfriend/boss who doesnt seem to like her very much.

Funny, I thought Metroid Fusion did that first.
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