Nintendo Conference - Japanese eShop Reception

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The Mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land trailers are on the nintendo channel and at the end of the videos it says the videos are coming soon to the 3ds eshop.

They need to come out NAO! So that we can see them in their 3D gloriousness.
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A bump and an update.

Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter 3G, Project Mirai and Fire Emblem still hold their places at 1, 2, 3 and 6 respectively.

#4 has been taken by Luigi's Mansion 2, with Mario Kart moving from #7 to #5. Super Mario 3D Land has slipped from #4 to #8, with the Bravely Default AR Demo slipping from #8 to #11.

An interesting turnup unrelated to the conference, the newly released "Senran Kagura" has claimed #10 on the rankings. It's interesting because if you discount the 3D conference videos, it would come in at #3, with Zelda:OoT and the eShop release Creatoy being the only real software above it.
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Japanese sure don't care as much about Mario as everybody else it seems lol.