Nintendo 3DS = Pokedex?

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5 years ago#1

it took me a while to realize, but i think the similarities are unmistakable. unfortunately i dont have a picture of the flare red 3ds with the attachment, that's what i was gunning for exactly since theyre both released nearly same time.
5 years ago#2
Looks more like a modified SP.
shoot the core.
5 years ago#3
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5 years ago#4
That Pokedex was purposely made like that for when the first Pokemon games for the DS/DS Lite were released. The bottom screen of the Pokedex is even touch screen if I recall correctly from some scene in the anime.

The Gen 2 Pokedex resembles a GBC, the Gen 3 Pokedex looked simillar to the GBA when the Gen 3 Pokemon games came out, and the Gen 4 Johto Pokedex sort of resembled the DSi. Just something Gamefreak does.

The thing that resembles the 2nd slide pad is a scanner to scan Pokeballs and learn what attacks the Pokemon has in the anime. Now THAT specific part, is freaky as hell, I'll give you that.
5 years ago#5
what about the pokedex 3D app on eshop? that was like the first thing ever put up...
5 years ago#6
That dex was designed after the DS/Lite

so no
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5 years ago#7
for once, an xChaos thread that doesn't blow.
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5 years ago#8
xCha0s posted...
what about the pokedex 3D app on eshop? that was like the first thing ever put up...

Hmm, you make a good point.

That's it, for Gen 6 Gamefreak is going to release billions of Pokemon into the real world! We get to go on adventures and catch out favorite Pokemon in real life, using our Pok3Dex to scan them! Local Walmarts and liquor stores will carry Pokeballs and Potions for cheap, and the US government will help set up a world wide Pokemon League along with Japan, Australia, and Europe! We can get our starters at the Secretary of State along with our state IDs with official certified trainer stamps!

Pokemon-Pokemon-Pokemon, let's do it. I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was....
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