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User Info: JoKaps

5 years ago#1
1,000,191 steps since March 27th.
Toon Link is awesome.
Pokemon Platinum FC: DAWN, 1118 6405 6844

User Info: ceedofevil

5 years ago#2
Can I request to have this topic deleted please?
There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.

User Info: Stacy1199

5 years ago#3
1,011,386 steps here

Had my 3DS since March 25
3DS: 0216-0780-0023, MKDS: 051774-044875
MKW: 2320-6263-2164 (Alt: 1977-2789-4542)

User Info: yoda2323

5 years ago#4
173,650 steps. Take it everywhere I go.

Had it since June 22nd.

User Info: drothegreat0ne

5 years ago#5
83,193. Had it since early August.
Pokemon Black - 4427-3709-9987

User Info: CVNut13

5 years ago#6
117,813 steps.
Had it since June 19th.
Black: 5200-1702-7803 // Pearl: 2792-9665-9354 // SoulSilver: 2364-9596-5588
Name: Dark (Oh btw, I'm a girl)

User Info: keyblader1985

5 years ago#7
797,942 since launch.

It might have been more, but I got my car about the same times as I got my 3DS.
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User Info: Jorgezx

5 years ago#8
31,045 since last week (September 18)
Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.- Plato

User Info: d0wner

5 years ago#9
Yay a steps topic!

shoot the core.

User Info: yab

5 years ago#10
145,983 since August
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