Why do I hear so many people tired of "doom and gloom" on this board?

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Xenoblade isn't necessarily bad... it's just nowhere near the gaming messiah people are claiming it is. It wouldn't be hailed anywhere near as much as it is if it was released last generation. It came out in a time where RPGs are in stagnation, so its worth is overinflated. Same thing happened with RPGs like Blue Dragon.

I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim, but I probably should. One of my closest friends went into a period of obsession with it. He has seen it more times than he can count on both hands, and he keeps a Bluray copy of it in his car everywhere he goes.

What I've heard of Metric is pretty good. No Paramore, of course, but still good.
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You totally should see it, and get the books too while you're at it. Those are fantastic as well.
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I'm not a big book reader, especially when it comes to comics or graphic novels. Yuck.