4 streetpasses at a Dream Theater concert tonight

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I r winar
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They still should have picked Marco Minneman
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Mike had a 7 minute drum solo that gave me multiple orgasms. I think picking up Mike was a good move on their part
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Slowly but effectively, Nintendo's new market strategy is being set into motion: Make use of subliminal messages in music so that people succumb before the might of Mario and Miyamoto!
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i saw dream theater in the topic and just had to post....

definitely one of my favorite bands, lovin the new album
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Figured. Old washed up nerd band. Total garbage compared to more modern prog bands like Mars Volta for example.

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Am I the only one that thought TC was referring to Project Diva: Dreamy Theatre when they read the topic title?
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Hello guitar newbs I am god, yeah the cool thing about the guitars is they were hand painted by Micheal Angelo, I don't mean that guitar newb but the guy who painted Jesus on the ceiling and stuff. The eh pickups were hand wired by uh Tony Blair.

Also these are the Meza boogie cabinets with vintage 40's yes that's right 40's.

+ 1 auto-graph from me, the best there is, If anyone understands this.
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