Is Nintendo finally listening to consumer comments and complaints now?

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Very few PS1 games require the Dualshock. Even 3D platformers like Spyro can be played with the DPad.
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d0wner posted...
Nintendo listening to their fans is exactly what got us the most stale, derivative console Zelda in the series. It may have sounded good in theory, it was a disaster in practice.

Oh yeah, who needs a great game that has length and lots of atmosphere like Twilight Princess?

BRING ON WIND WAKER! Sailing for hours and hours on end hunting down a dozen or so tiny triforce pieces while paying money for one of the worst Nintendo characters in history to do a stupid little dance so I can find said pieces is the way to go!

CaptainDrek posted...
1: They always have listened to consumers, but no publisher does everything the people want.

Consumers AND publishers have been complaining about friend codes since the DS, funny how they never listened.

Lots of complaints with the Wii, Nintendo flat out LIED and said "Uhhh no, people don't want that" simply because they wanted to do what THEY wanted to do, not what their customers wanted.

Nintendo is well known for doing whatever the hell they want, not what the customers want.

2: You can say "half assing it".

Was planning to post this elsewhere where such language was not tolerated.

3: The Dualshock was a fine analogy.

No, no its not, you cannot compare a removable controller that became a new standard on an immobile console to a handheld with fixed controls.

RolandofGilead posted...
It's not relevant because apparently Sony can do no wrong for these people.

Actually, I have a rather big dislike for Sony.

See what I said earlier about how its nothing like an accessory for a handheld that practically doubles it's bulk.

DeathSoul2000 posted...
well for one thing, we were barely out of the snes/genesis era by the time the ps1 launched, so pretty much all games were still 2d, so no analog sticks were needed at that point. then the n64 came along with 3d games and and analog stick, and effectively changed everything. with the 3ds most games are 3d these days so it should've been common sense to include a second stick from the get go, you know just in case.


So so SO this!

I mean, do the people here honestly think its coincidence that when the N64 launched with an analog Joystick, and was one of the first to get a 3D platformer RIGHT (Super Mario 64), then came out with the rumble pack..... that Sony just happened to release a controller with rumble and two analog sticks a short while later?

I mean, just LOOK at the PS1 dualshock, its almost literally like they haphazardly glued two analog sticks to the bottom of the damn thing, they didn't re-resign the shape for ergonomics at all until the PS2 and PS3........ barely. The PS3 controller STILL looks like a digital controller with two analog sticks haphazardly glued to the bottom of it.

darkqueenhelba posted...
I don't understand the reliance of online gaming. Personally, I think it's sort of sad to call yourself a gamer and your needs can't be met unless you have this feature.

Personally, I think its sad to call yourself a gamer than attempt to rationalize away any time a company leaves out something that really should be there.
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darknight06 posted...
Online wouldn't have solved ANYTHING with SF643D. It would've just been another mode people would play for a month, then drop because of balance issues, lag, not enough to do, etc.

1. "Balance Issues", if any, would exist for local multiplayer as well.

2. Lag is more to do with people's connections than the game code, and for most people nowadays they can play almost all online games virtually lag free.

As for NSMB Wii, it's a local game first and foremost. Did we not see what happened with Brawl? A game like that will never work because it's too much random stuff that it would have to keep track of amongst four different systems.

NSMB was a single player game jury-rigged to be multiplayer, and honestly, I liked it.

We are talking about A MODE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR MULTIPLAYER here, we aren't saying you should be able to play the story mode with co-op online.

Also, there was nothing wrong with Brawl's online, besides the whole fighting randoms with no communication thing.

They can't do the prediction strategy to combat lag like they've done with Mario Kart because too much of the game requires pin point accuracy in execution and timing.

Actually, the game requires far far less accuracy than a racing game.

You know what requires the most accuracy? Fighters. And guess what? Those exist with online play on the 3DS with practically no lag! SSF4 on my 3DS hasn't lagged on me yet. BlazBlue requires even MORE accuracy than SSF4.
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Also, there was nothing wrong with Brawl's online, besides the whole fighting randoms with no communication thing.

In most online games I played with people who weren't even far away, there was a lot of input lag. So I disagree.
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