How does Nintendo earn profit giving away four swords?

#31BigDaddyWingnutPosted 9/30/2011 4:15:11 AM
It's all about public relations. As someone else pointed out, Make the consumer happy today and they will buy from you in the future. It's moves like these that will get some of the more jaded gamers back into good graces. An extremely well thought marketing strategy, really.
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The Bad Ass Company Act of 1972

Sec A) all companies who partake in something bad ass(1) are entitled to a compensation prize in the months thereafter. The prizes include
a) future customer support
b) future customer loyalty
c) my body is ready

Sec B) If the company wishes to trade these prizes in for cold hard cash, that would be alright.

Sec C) Sec B is non negotiable.

Sec D) If in the months after the bad ass has been done, the company does not collect their prize, they must release moar free things.

(1) Bad Ass - Releasing free 3DS games.
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Thanks. Got it.
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