I hope these will be the 10 free Gameboy advance games

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*Reading through the topic, minding my own business, sees some tl;dr scrolls through the pages*

Foofyhead posted...
The only certainty right now is that Mattperd is a cool guy!

'Aww that's pretty cool, I think I'm smili- wait... what if he's mocking me!? Oh no! Should I bring it up? Should I just play it off like nothing? Maybe he was being serious... Aw man, I don't know what to do! Sarcasm? Maybe I should return with sarcasm... Why am I having a Charlie Brown Little red Head Girl moment over an anonymous person on the internet?!'

Thanks, bro!

'nailed it!'


As for the GBA Pokemon game argument, NES games will be updated to have wireless Multiplayer, so can't they do the same to the Pokemon games? Just trick them into thinking it's a link cable, but actually use the Wireless, similar to that Wireless GBA hookup I think Fire Red used.
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