Am I the only who lost their stylus?

#1MBBDarigonPosted 10/8/2011 10:44:26 AM
I got mine on launch and lost it around may or june >_>
#290sRetroGamingPosted 10/8/2011 1:24:48 PM
I honestly never use mine for anything really and it pretty much stays in it's original slot 95% of the time. i have decently sized big hands since i'm an adult but i just usually use my two thumbs to type things out or anything else on the touch screen xD. i have 2 extra telescoping 3DS styluses my friend through in for free when i bought my 3DS off of him back in july so it's always good to have a few spares around just in case :).
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#3fallenKlNGPosted 10/8/2011 1:25:59 PM
Are you the only one? I doubt it. I'd like to think most people still have their stylus though.
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#4Final Fantasy2389Posted 10/8/2011 1:29:54 PM
Probably not. I still have my original, and I have 3 back ups just in case but my DSi still has it's original one after 2 years or so so I doubt I'll lose it anytime soon.
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#5mjc0961Posted 10/8/2011 1:32:05 PM
I rarely use the included stylus, it's too small. I have a DSi XL stylus that I bought from Nintendo's online store to use instead, it's much nicer. I did lose that once though so I had to replace it, but I've never lost the original stylus included with a system.
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