senran kagura pillow lol

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That next to last picture was absolutely perfect. I can't even focus on the creepiness of dakimakuras in general because I'm just laughing too hard.
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Wynters387 posted...
darkqueenhelba posted...
All men need to go to sleep this way every night.

Scenario: Guy brings girl home. Opens the door to his bedroom and realizes too late he forgot to hide the pillow...

Girl runs home screaming.

Obviously you're bringing home the wrong girls, dear. You've got to go with the ones with their own ecchi anime figurine collection. Fun fact; the largest purveyor of ecchi anime figurines are actually women, at leased outside of Japan, the reason seems to be the above thoughts prevent most men from actually collecting them. You will never hear of a woman scrambling to hide her yaoi collection because of a man she's brought over.