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5 years ago#1
But still not close enough lol.

Too bad it only works with a handful of games.
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5 years ago#2
It'd make more sense if it was shaped like a 3/DS/GBA /PSP- I.E, it'd look like you'd taken a GBA , PSP or bottom half of a DS and replaced the screen with a phone, like a grip, so it'd fit securely + comfortably inside. You could even add it's own extra power-supply (battery) that'd charge the phone or keep it going a bit longer.

You'd have to get a seperate one for each device (which most likely would result in only support for Apple phones due to low numbers of device shapes, or only really high-end android phones - cutting down a lot of sales), but it'd work very well and look much better. In theory anyways)
5 years ago#3
Cool concept, bad pricing. $75 for some proprietary controller that works on a select amount of games? no.
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5 years ago#4
If i had iPhone and liked gaming on it would consider this although at 75bucks im not sure.
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5 years ago#5
Androids have something called a Game Gripper that you can buy for $15 which is pretty much the same thing.

I don't see why you'd get this overpriced thing instead if you have an Android, and there are cheaper alternatives with iPhones too, like Wiimotes and Dualshock 3's.
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5 years ago#6
Wonder why the ABXY is placed like that. Not even the Xbox has it like that.
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5 years ago#7
Looks kind of clunky, if you ask me...
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