RPGs on the 3DS: name them

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User Info: XCrossYZ

5 years ago#1
So far I own one, Devil Survivor Overclocked. Also heard of two on the way Tales of Abyss port and a new Square dungeon crawler. How many more on the way? Also if someone can shed light on that game.
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User Info: lockheart47

5 years ago#2
Shadow Wars is all i can think of.

User Info: yab

5 years ago#3
Bravely Default ("Square dungeon crawler")
Girls' RPG (this probably won't leave Japan)
Kingdom Hearts 3D
Dragon Quest Monsters remake
Paper Mario

no dates for any of these

User Info: Ghetsis

5 years ago#4
If you mean Heroes of Ruin, it's not made by Square Enix.
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User Info: icemagician

5 years ago#5

Haha, Streetpass Mii Plaza is listed XD
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User Info: yab

5 years ago#6
oh yeah, and Monster Hunter 3G and 4. But given your sig you already know that.

User Info: pakathecat

5 years ago#7
Wish more were on the horizon. I think a good number of original, great RPGs would completely turn around the system. Top ten games for the DS here have been mostly RPGs for as long as I can remember.

User Info: Second_Chances

5 years ago#8
-Devil Survivor Overclocked (You have this)

-Tales of the Abyss (Port of the PS2 game)

-Bravely Default Flying Fairy (Square Enix game in the style of Four Heroes Of Light as in a throwback, but heavily inspired by PSX-era RPGs instead of NES ones)

-Lost Heroes (A japanese-only Etrian Odyssey-like dungeon crawler using various japanese super heroes as the characters, think Super Robot Wars)

-Inazuma Eleven Go (Most likely japanese-only Soccer game with very heavy RPG elements from Level-5 with over 1000 different possible team members, and a OK I guess storyline, fourth in a series. Think the portable Mario Tennis games but with Soccer and even more over the top)

-SD Gundam G Gen 3D (Japanese-only SRPG using Gundams)

-Crimson Shroud (One of the four games in a collection of brand new games called Guild01, made by Level-5 and the director of Final Fantasy XII, supposed to heavily feature tabletop RPG elements. Not much else is known)

-Etrian Odyssey (A new Etrian Odyssey for the 3DS supposedly in development. No other info)

-Dragon Quest Monsters 3D Terry's Wonderland (A complete remake of the original Dragon Quest Monsters for the Game Boy with a new extra plotline, all the original monsters, every new monster from Joker 2 Professional, online play, and even more)

-Medabots 3D (Seventh mainline Medabots game, most likely Japan-Only, but if we're lucky Natsume will localize it since they're being bugged about localizing Medabots DS by the devs)

-Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance (You should know this by now. A new game in the Kingdom Hearts series taking place after 2 which directly bridges into 3)

-Paper Mario (New Paper Mario game going back to the RPG battle system the first two had)

-Fire Emblem (The thirteenth Fire Emblem. No info is really known)

For the DS we also have Fossil Fighters Champions coming out next week and Devil Survivor 2 Valentine's Day as well.
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User Info: cleanchris

5 years ago#9
there are a few in development projects that have yet to be announced, such as a new Final Fantasy title (rumored to be a new Crystal Chronicles) & a Persona game.
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User Info: Teremei

5 years ago#10
Beyond the Labyrinth is another good lookin one. I'm sure within a few months several more will be announced. There are plenty on the way.
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