My speculation of new Pokemon Game

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4 years ago#11
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
KogaSteelfang posted...
It can't be (B) because the third game of a new generation is never released on two consoles.

Weren't Gold, and Silver regular Gameboy games, while Crystal was Gameboy Color?
Besides one of the most talked about design feature of B/W were the new 3d areas.
Also, the ability to use the cameras built into a DSi to do video chat.

All of these would be available on a 3ds, and enhanced more.
Why wouldn't they do it? Besides, Nintendo is intensely interested in ways to push 3ds sales.
An exclusive 3rd version would do that.
Don't get all uppity, it can still be made to trade with the ds games.

they wouldn't be able to take advantage of as much of the 3DS' supposed power if they did that. there's no what they could make an epic 3rd version on the 3DS and still trade backwards to B/W. better than B/W, but not as epic as the game could be without the trading backwards hindrance.

What? Well why the hell not? You make zero sense. None. Better go get in the logic stamps line. You'll be there a while.
I don't watch television. If you are the ones who do, shut up, you're brainwashed. .
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