What are the chances of Wind Waker being released on the 3DS?

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No more ports after MM, please.

I love that post so much.
after MM
Because if Nintendo doesn't listen to fan's outcries for a MM for 3DS they're idiots.
And as if it's already a guarantee that we'll get it.

Wrong,it's actually the exact opposite.
They have no current desire to remake MM.Although they are considering remaking LttP for the 3DS.They said that's the only zelda game they would remake currently for the 3DS.
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not to mention a fresh new zelda for 3ds has already been hinted... though i'm all for alttp as a 3d classic, for it is my fav.
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NO MORE RE-RELEASES!!! I loved WW too, but 3DS needs to be able to stand on its own and NOT claim its success from past titles.

So much wisdom in this post.


Despite how awesome WW is we need no more ports or remakes.
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Why can't we get new content AND the ports too ? It doesn't have to be one or the other ...

I don't see why they couldn't work on new the stuff themselves and just hire some other studios to make the ports.

I've never played WW and would love to be able to play it on the 3DS.
Without "ports", "remakes" and "rehashes", I wouldn't have bothered getting The Legend of Zelda or the MGS series (love the hd collection).

They get money and we get games ... In the end everyone gets what they want.