3DS to 3DS transfer...

#1ColoredStars92Posted 11/25/2011 9:12:01 PM

My brother was kind enough to offer his new Zelda console for my blue one (he wanted the bargain with the OoT 3D game, and a blue console, so it works out nicely for both of us!), but I was an early adopter of my console, so I have ambassador games that I would need transferred, as well as game saves for both the e-shop purchases, and the actual "games" (not sure how to put this lol-- games like OoT 3D, SM3DL, etc)

Does the 3DS save the game data on the system or "game card" for the console games mentioned above-- if it's card then this is not an issue.

Anyways, is there a way to transfer my e-shop purchases/ ambassador games with the saves attached? Thanks in advance!

PS: Would I be able to get the future GBA games on the new 3DS as well?
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