We need a Ninja Gaiden Black / Bayonetta like game.

#1PhilBrooksPosted 12/28/2011 7:59:41 PM
3DS can handle it.

I wonder if it could handle Ninja Gaiden Black without a big decrease in quality.

NGB is my favorite. I'm currently playing Bayonetta and I love it so far. It would be amazing to play something like either game on the 3DS. DOA Dimensions (all of you should buy it) is making me want to play NGB on the go because DOA is very impressive and my favorite 3DS game.
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#2AzoemiaPosted 12/28/2011 8:02:08 PM
there is a ng game already in the works
#3kukingina2Posted 12/28/2011 8:05:15 PM
well if only they would localize Senran Kagu "gets shot by a sniper rifle".....
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#4ElectricMolePosted 12/28/2011 8:12:22 PM
those games are so tough, people threw their controllers in frustration.

probably not a good idea to have that kind of game on a portable.
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#5HibikiRushPosted 12/28/2011 8:56:38 PM
The World Ends With You 2?
#6LunarRoarPosted 12/28/2011 9:13:13 PM
I love Bayonetta but I honestly can't see a game in that vein being on this system.