My EBGames experience yesterday

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parKb5 posted...
OoSubaruoO posted...
I go to pickup my games that I pre-ordered, gave my bills to the guy at the counter, paid for them, then proceeded to the exit.


Holy crap!

EBGames pays your bills for you??!!

That is freaking awesome. I miss EBGames :(

Hurr hurr.
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You are a lucky one. In the past week I went to Gamestop and:

1. Tried to buy a copy of Persona 2 PSP, paid for it, clerk couldn't find the game and tried to convince me to come back the next day instead of getting a refund on the spot. Ummmmmmm no.

2. Few days later different store. Found a Ys 1 and 2 Premium box for PSP, clerk kept hassling me to check out the Vita since the UMD format is done and he didn't understand why people are still buying PSP games.

Different experiences for everyone I guess.
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BS. Surely they asked you to pre-order MW3 and the new GH.
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Sir_Haxor posted...
BS. Surely they asked you to pre-order MW3 and the new GH.

Yeah, no. Every time I go in, I'm usually the one who asks to pre-order a game.
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Hmm... You didn't mention anything about incompetent employees, so you didn't go to gamestop.
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You forgot your game!!!
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#17mr_metalhead666Posted 2/8/2012 7:09:27 PM
My EBgames are awesome.

I can actually have conversation to the guy working there about actual games. We discussed about the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection last time I was there.
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