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Will N3DS games work on the regular 3ds besides Xenoblade?
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wanderer1992128/30 2:32AM
why is there two 3D sliders?celljr8968/30 2:30AM
Poll: Played Xenoblade before? (Poll)
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danny5329368/30 2:28AM
What should I price my 3DSXL for when I sell it online?sLaCkEr408___RJ28/30 2:14AM
Do you think Xenoblade N3DS is even worth it?
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PS4Warrior128/30 2:13AM
so does the new 3ds have better resolution?
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senate501148/30 2:12AM
GBC is not comparable to New PCDS.juzzieb108/30 2:05AM
I don't really feel sorry for anyone who recently bought a 2/3ds/XL.DelectableTears38/30 2:01AM
Something the majority of this site doesn't understand about the N3DS scenario.ajko00098/30 2:00AM
Who Picked Up Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Today?
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PrincessLum188/30 1:59AM
Do you think the N3DS will allow you to download while doing other things?PS4Warrior108/30 1:57AM
Would you be angry if the New 3ds was region free and the old 3ds was still lock (Poll)
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GI_Ti138/30 1:54AM
Zelda: Majora's Mask could be released as an exclusive for the New 3DS handheld
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IceHusky148/30 1:51AM
So when the New 3DS arrives...Burning_Arm278/30 1:51AM
Should they give out the New3DS for 20 dollars when trading in your 3DS?juzzieb88/30 1:51AM
SNES and GBA VCR will probably be exclusive to the new model
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GloryChaos118/30 1:48AM
2015 New PCDS discussion.juzzieb18/30 1:46AM
kirby fighters?helldew58/30 1:43AM
Dashboard themes coming to 3DS.
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pikachupwnage278/30 1:41AM
I hope the New 3DS gives westerners the option to type in Japanese letters.GI_Ti28/30 1:30AM