Most common mistakes gamers may say about certian games.

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4 years ago#31
From: Viriless | #030
Waluigi is a brother of Mario

I have NEVER ever heard anyone say this, I have heard people say he's Luigi's or Wario's brother but

I've heard people say they're all brothers.
his comparison suggests we're closet african americans.
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4 years ago#32
The PS3 has games.
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4 years ago#33
GloryChaos posted...
The game wasn't innovative enough.

The game is too hard.

The game is too easy.

The game is basically a rehash since it didn't add anything.

The game is overrated

The game is underrated.

4 years ago#34
Telegrams posted...
The PS3 has games.

I think you're about 3 years too late on that joke.
4 years ago#35
Metroid Other M really really sucked.
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4 years ago#36
"sonic games have always been about speed and holding right"
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4 years ago#37
1.Everybody can be good at any game the play they just need practice(pretty sure i played smll 20 years and never stopping practing and STILL can't beat it)
2a.Tp is bad because it's like oot (LOL what self respecting person likes a game then turns arround and says that a game being like said game is bad. and besides same thing can be said about oot in comparsion to alttp...)
2b.Tp is bad because it's not like oot(which is hyprocritical since it's FAR more similar then ww mm or ss)

3.Tails should not be playable in sonic game because "he breaks the game" (nvm he's optional in all the mainline sonc games you can use him...)
4.Pretending that only hardcore gamers matter(even if you make them happy all of there lives,they will eventually die which means if you focus 100% on them you will be f***ed)
5.Games can never be fun if there easy

6.Because online play has never been in certain multiplayer seris(mario party) it's somehow acceptable they don't even try
7.Gen 2-5 pokemon games suck (nvm no matter how bad the pokemon designs are the actual gameplay gets better each gen)
8.Other m is sexist (maybe it's but so was THE ORIGINAL metriod,they could've easily showed samus as female without her being half naked...)
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4 years ago#38
Charizard's the best pikachu ever!!!
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4 years ago#39
People who call game discs or cartridges "tapes". Also people who call controllers "paddles".
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4 years ago#40
BlaqkFlameZero posted...
3DSGuy posted...
queirotacobell posted...
call of duty is the same game since 2007

Get out of this thread, Just get out

Because Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 3 are so similar, right?

they are very similar which is very bad most games and i hope the series goes the way of guitar hero
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