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4 years ago#1
So I got a 3DS XL yesterday, and I love it, 3DS game look great,
but when I put in Ace Attorney Investigations it looked like crap :/ any way to fix this? I know you can hold start or select to play it in 1:1 mode but it's so tiny.
This is kinda lame, the DSiXL displayed DS games perfectly, I had hoped the 3DSXL would do the same

Sure I can still play my regular DS games on my DSiXL but I kinda like the activity log and how it keeps track of how long I've been playing certain games.

Anything I can do to fix this?
4 years ago#2
the 3dsxl does display games perfectly. 1:1 mode plays them 1:1
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4 years ago#3
Unfortunately no, the 1:1 pixel mode was to fix the problem the original 3DS had with playing DS games, which made them look like crap when playing normally, so that you had to shrink them to Gameboy size to look "normal". When playing in 1:1 pixel mode, you are playing at the size of the DS, DS Lite, and DSi screens, which is normal sized.
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4 years ago#4
isnt 1to1 size on the xl like the size of the dsi screens? thats pretty big imo
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4 years ago#5
PokeMaster posted...
the 3dsxl does display games perfectly. 1:1 mode plays them 1:1

Yeah but it's so small, the DSiXL filled the entire screen and games looked perfect, the lower screens of the 3DSXL and DSiXL are basically the same size so why is it so small? :/
4 years ago#6
I just want to play DS games with the screen size of the DSi XL on my 3DS XL, yet that doesn't appear to be possible, I can only play them at the size of the regular DS screen or stretched out, but strechted out DS games look terrible.

Guess I'll just have to use my DSi XL for DS games.
4 years ago#7
Can you posts pics?
4 years ago#8
xPhoenixWrightx posted...
Can you posts pics?

I'll try, but my camera quality is pretty bad, I'll go take a few.
4 years ago#9
the DS games looks more blurry on 3DS XL.. i was dissapointed when i tested it today, the games looks better DSi XL.

But the 3DS games looks beautiful.
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4 years ago#10
xPhoenixWrightx posted...
Can you posts pics?

Feenie here should be able to tell you that Ace Attorney doesn't look super great on anything. lol. So many jaggies. I played the trilogy on a big screen via the wii. It looked so stretched. It was so much better when played on DS. If you kept your DS you should just play it on that.
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