C/D "Zombie" is NOT a Genre of Video Games.

#1BlueInfinityPosted 7/29/2012 12:11:10 PM
I have to post this. I've talked to three people, and all of them said "Yes, Zombie is a Genre of Games."

I say "That's not right, you have to follow up with a actual Genre to describe the gametype. You can't just say "Zombie" and know what game it is. There's Zombie Shooters, Zombie RPGs, Zombie Tower Defense, but not just "Zombie". Zombie is a theme, not a genre."

And I'm having someone tell me that Fighting Game is just like Zombie Game. Where they're genres.

Here's more of a conversation from one person:

Infyn: Notice when you say "Zombie game" you need to follow it up with a genre.
Infyn: Like Zombie Shooter
Infyn: Or Zombie RPg
DG: Nah
Infyn: or Zombie Fighter
DG: It's a zombie game
DG: =D
Infyn: Otherwise, it's impossible to know what it's like.
DG: Not entirely. XD
DG: Zomibe game = it involves zombies
Infyn: When you tell me you're playing a Zombie game.
Infyn: I have no idea what game it is.
Infyn: When you say "Oh I'm playing a shooter"
Infyn: You have an idea.
DG: No I don't
Infyn: Not "I'm playing a Zombie game."
DG: What kind of shooter?
Infyn: Exactly.
Infyn: Then you go into sub-catagories, but you know it's a shooter.
Infyn: Zombie does not have that classification.
DG: So by theory
DG: If you were to say you were playing a shooter
Infyn: Zombie is usually in the Media, it can be a game, a movie, a book.
DG: And I knew that ment you were shooting something
Infyn: So the sub catagory IS Zombie game.
DG: Couldn't you say zombie game and know that it involves zombies doing something?
Infyn: Dude, Zombie is NOT a genre for games.
DG: Totes is
Infyn: It does not include a group of games.
DG: Sure it does
Infyn: you can't go "Hey, what gameplay are we going for?
Infyn: "Zombies."
Infyn: "...uh..."
DG: "Well, we got Left 4 Dead, that has zombies. Dead Island. Also zombies."
Infyn: Notice how different they play.
DG: Still zombies XD
Infyn: So it's not possible to use as a genre.
Infyn: That is NOT a genre.
DG: Totally is XD
Infyn: You know Shadow the Hedgehog has guns. So does Final Fantasy VIII.
Infyn: You won't see "guns" being a GEnre
Infyn: One's an RPG
DG: Sure
DG: It involves guns
Infyn: One's a thirdperson shooter
Infyn: [Dude], I'm starting to lose faith in you.
Infyn: This is kinda depressing... XD
DG: I don't know. I think it's pretty funny XD
Infyn: There is no Zombie Genre of games.
Infyn: It does not exist.
DG: Maybe not to you
Infyn: It hasn't even shown up [as the popular theme in gaming] until 5 years ago.
Infyn: Out of the hundred years gaming's been out
Infyn: and 32 that it was mainstream
DG: So what, new genre's can't appear? That's kind of close minded.
Infyn: Zombies was pure movies.
Infyn: and books.
Infyn: there is no Zombie Genre, just a theme.
DG: So now it's a crime for them to be in games? XDDD
Infyn: No?
DG: over here, discriminating against the undead. Telling them they can't be a genre XDDD
Infyn: What genre is that game?
Infyn: Final Fantasy.
Infyn: "That's... not a genre."
DG: Sure it is
Infyn: ...
DG: All it's own
Infyn: Brb, I need to go to the hospital.
Infyn: My head went through the floor.
Infyn: I'm posting this whole thing on GameFAQs now.

I'm hoping some insight can be given. I really don't believe Zombie is a Genre of games, but a theme. Am I completely ignorant on what a "genre" is and I'm completely wrong?

Thanks for any responses XD
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#2Ame_no_MurakumoPosted 7/29/2012 12:22:43 PM
Confirm. Zombies are definitely not a genre.
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That person just doesn't know ****.
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It's more of a Horror/ FPS subgenre.
#5so64Posted 7/29/2012 12:27:00 PM
C. Now if he was talking about horror, that would be different.
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C. It's a subsection, meant to go with another genre.
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#7JimmyMimpsonPosted 7/29/2012 12:32:34 PM
C all the way. Zombie is just a creature type, usually used in horror. Now, "Zombie Apocalypse" is a subgenre of horror in story terms, but videogames are put into genres by their gameplay, not story, unlike other storytelling mediums, so where a "Zombie movie", "Superhero comic", or "Super Robot anime" would make sense, those classifications wouldn't really work for videogames.
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Either DG is a complete dumbass, or he trolled you pretty well.

Either way........ BRAVO!!!
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I could tell from the first few lines that you got trolled pretty hard.

Made me laugh.
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tho with all the games being pumped out with zombies in em it may become one.......
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