What was the last 3DS game you bought?

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User Info: Stubbled_PS3

4 years ago#31
Tales of the Abyss. Never played the PS2 version. Loving every second with it.
360 GT--- Stubbled CRT1

User Info: jumpmanq

4 years ago#32
MGS:SE3D because I'm broke like a joke.
I'm not changing this sig 'til GTA comes to the 3DS. Made 7/30/12.

User Info: Mystery_Cooper

4 years ago#33
None. Because KH3D is the only 3DS game I have. Also, I don't have a 3DS.
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User Info: bananapotato

4 years ago#34
FC: 2277-6656-2076

User Info: Durpee7

4 years ago#35
Tales of the Abyss and Kid Icarus. Bought them at the same time
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User Info: Nekoakuma

4 years ago#36
JPN 3DS. Cosmo Black. Launch
Black 2 [JPN] National Dex: 100% Complete.

User Info: zeldafan477

4 years ago#37
Theatrhythm FF.

User Info: FFXIgaiaknight

4 years ago#38
Heroes of ruin I bought all 3 SE summer 3ds games though
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User Info: hyper kobun dash

hyper kobun dash
4 years ago#39
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
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User Info: dking009

4 years ago#40
Mario Tennis Open big let down for power tennis
KAMMY KOOPA for Super Smash Bros 4
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